Company History

CPP was established over 25 years ago and has been involved in a wide range of property related activities including city office development such as Chancery Exchange, Furnival St EC4 and Tooks Court EC4 as well as strategic planning, asset management, mixed use and residential redevelopment.

CPP has always sought to identify opportunities ahead of the market and implement a strategic plan to maximise returns.

One such recent example involved the acquisition of self contained industrial sites within Greater London benefitting from public transport nodes and where the air space had not been utilized and residentially led mixed use schemes could be developed. CPP acquired several such sites, all of which have been subject to major planning applications. The latest example is Deptford Wharves which comprises an 11 acre site and has recently obtained planning consent for over 900 residential units.

We have also submitted an application on a 5 acre site on the River Wandle in Sutton for 100 new houses and 30 flats and this is due to be determined during 2013.